What Do We Mean by Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products?

our environmentally friendly cleaning products

At Living Clean, we manufacture and supply environmentally friendly cleaning products. These are products that are created from natural ingredients such as citrus solutions, vinegars and essential oils. After use, they leave behind no harmful or noxious compounds, and they can be reabsorbed into the ecosystem without harm.

No Need For Harmful Chemicals

The national cleaning product market in the UK is still dominated by synthetic cleaning agents. But we are determined to show that there is no need for heavy duty chemicals to achieve an amazing clean time after time. We believe in our own products. In fact, we also have a successful domestic and commercial cleaning business where the cleaners exclusively use our own environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Best Selling Products

These are some of our best selling products from our environmentally-friendly cleaning range:

  • Budge. The ultimate Spring Clean in a bottle. These super-concentrated one litre bottles can be diluted to make 10 litres of cleaning product suitable for all surfaces.
  • Blitz. The bathroom buddy! Tackle bathroom grime and soap scum on taps, plugs and shower doors. So safe you can even clean your fish tank out with it. 
  • Zing. Glass and mirror polish. Lemon and vinegar work together to cut through grime on glass surfaces. Zing is solvent-free and leaves a subtle zesty fragrance.

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