Living Clean on Target to Achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions

12 01 2022
green model house balancing scales

At Living Clean, we’re always looking for ways to improve our environmental credentials. We were the first cleaning company in Norfolk to use exclusively eco-friendly cleaning products. And this year, and every year afterwards, we intend to have Net Zero carbon emissions.

What does Net Zero mean?

For a company to have net zero emissions, all carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions caused by its activity must be absorbed or offset by other activities. 

What we’ve already done:

  • Living Clean only uses 100% environmentally friendly products, but our cleaners still need to travel to work. We’ve upgraded our fleet of vehicles to electric or hybrid - massively reducing our emissions footprint. 
  • We’ve installed a biomass boiler at our head office, so we won’t be burning natural gas to supply our heating.
  • All paper used by the company is now recycled.
  • We only use suppliers who meet the ISO 14001 environmental management standard.

What we are doing in 2022:

The final few steps to meet our Net Zero goal will be taken in  the early part of 2022:

  • We’re installing solar panels and electric charge points so that our fleet of electric and hybrid cars can be charged from guaranteed renewable energy.
  • We’ve also arranged for all of our cleaning products to be supplied in an eco refill bottle saving 90% of our plastic waste. Staff will be fully trained on the new refill system.
  • We’re working out ways to go fully paperless by 2023.

We are a local cleaning company with strong community ties that wants to have impeccable green credentials. Nobody is forcing us to make these changes: we set ourselves the goal of achieving Net Zero because we believe it is the right thing to do for the planet. If you are looking for a cleaning company that shares your views about saving the environment, call 01603 405551 and arrange a contract today.