House Deep Cleaning Service for People Moving House

02 09 2021
house deep cleaning service

If you are selling a house, or leaving at the end of a tenancy, our house deep cleaning service might be of interest to you.

Imagine you are choosing between two properties. When viewing one, every surface is shining and there is a fresh citrus scent in the air. All else being equal, you will choose that one over a property with mildewed walls and silverfish scurrying away in the kitchen cabinets. 

Reduce the Stress of Moving House

Busy lives and working from home mean that people don’t always have time to clean as thoroughly as they would like to. And moving house is one of the most stressful times in your life. A proven way to reduce some of the pressure is by paying someone else to take care of tasks that you might not otherwise get around to. 

To be properly deep cleaned, cupboards must be emptied, and furniture and units pulled out from their usual places. Every surface (especially the ones you don’t normally see) needs to be exposed, thoroughly cleaned, and everything needs to be put back afterwards.

Experienced Cleaners

At Living Clean we have experienced cleaners who can do this for you. A house that has been cleaned from top to bottom will be more inviting to potential buyers - who will sense that it is a good place to make their home. And if you are renting, the deductions from your deposit for returning an unclean property are likely to be greater than our costs for cleaning it!

Eco-Friendly Products

And remember, we only use environmentally friendly cleaning products. These are products that are created from natural ingredients such as citrus solutions, vinegars and essential oils. After use, they leave behind no harmful or noxious compounds, and they can be reabsorbed into the ecosystem without harm.

To find out more and get a quote for your house, please call our office on 01603 405551 or fill out our contact form.