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Great super,the products are fabulous, Living clean you have met and more all my expectations,thank you.

Mrs Graham

Thanks living clean, fantastic products, great service, the lady's are so polite and always thier to help with any cleaning questions that we have. I strongly recommend that if you are looking for domestic cleaners they are the ones my husband use them to clean his office.

Sandra Medeley

Fantastic service at a great value, the best cleaners we have ever had, a huge thank you to the team.


I have been using "Budge" for over 3 years. It is the best cleaner I have ever used (and I am over 60). It leaves everything sparkling and smelling really fresh. The glass cleaner is also fantastic. Well done Livingclean, esp as we use septic tanks and these products are eco friendly.

Lesley Stubbings

Products are amazing and customer service is exceptional.


It smells so zingy, and it lasts for hours!! I was amazed by it.. I brought it because it\'s not tested on animals and i\'m so glad I did.. the Apple one is really lovely too!! You need a Facebook page so I can \'like\' it and tell all my friends about your company!!


Stay with this guys, you're hleipng a lot of people.


Your products not only smell great but work fantastically well. I have tried many environmental products before and have been disappointed but these are in a class of their own.


I was like a lot of people with regards to buying environmentally cleaning products,I thought what a load of crap, I made my first order and it was delivered on time,I am now addicted to cleaning. Magic stuff,I will never use supermarket cleaning products again.


It's smells so clean and gorgeous... i love it!!


Wonderful Christmas presents, so different!!!


Great service,great products,the intelligent gift is good for my holiday home.

Gemma Ball

Fantastic,I bought a set and use it in my camper van,it saves space and knowing it\'s environmentally friendly is great well done living clean.

Carl Brookes

We have been using Living Clean for over two years, and can thoroughly recommend their services. The staff are always friendly and reliable, the arrangements are flexible to suit our own work pattern, and the ladies have coped well with our two cats and provided excellent cleaning services. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend them, and am happy to give a confidential reference to anyone who would like one.


The requirements of a busy club with a footfall of 400/500 people per day are many a varied. The diverse range of cleaning requirements and hygiene issues presents challenges that our previous team of employed cleaners was not able to satisfy. Living Clean Midlands approached us with a proposal that was both attractively costed and represented large potential savings in management time. They have risen to the many challenges with aplomb. Our club is now a far cleaner and sweeter smelling place, evidenced by overwhelming member feedback. Never for one second have we regretted the decision to outsource our cleaning needs to Living Clean Midlands. Stephen Welti Director Welti Health and Leisure

Stephen Welti

Very versatile. It cuts through grease and grime and smells very refreshing. I use it for cookers, floors and concentrated for removing sticky stuff. I can do a lot with just budge and soda crystals!

Mathew Spittle

Budge is brilliant. It really is. It does everthing it says it will do. It last for ages. Yes I just love it.

Helen Weaver

I have been using Living Clean products and services for nearly a year now and I would highly recommend these to everyone. Being a house proud person I have tried every product on the market and I can honestly say Living Clean not only does what it says on the tin but the fragrances are gorgeous. Living Clean cleaning staff are thorough, friendly, flexible and really good value for money. 10 out of 10 for products and services!!!!!

Lynn Warnock

Simply the best window and ceramic tile. Cleaner I have ever used,thank you living clean

Mrs Bailey

Great for diluting and cleaning the inside of the car,leaves the car smelling great for days.

Mrs Arnold

Fantastic the budge really works on all surfaces. I cant beleive that we havent used them before.

Colin & Mary

We have been using living clean for the past 3years,and have always found their staff polite,punctual,and their products are really effective on every day dirt and grime,the cost is very competitive,if you are thinking of using domestic cleaners,give them a call,very highly recommended by us.

Mrs Lamb

Fantastic product to have around the kitchen. Gets rid of stains quickly, and smells great too