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Budge! Spring Clean

Budge! Spring Clean

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Perfect on walls, floors, doors, woodwork and all kitchen surfaces

Budge is our ultimate Spring Clean in a bottle. Use Budge for numerous cleaning jobs within the home.

Use it to wash walls, woodwork, wash a complete kitchen down with it, plus the floor. One litre bottle will probably give you 60-80 complete kitchen wash downs. It comes Concentrated and if you use undiluted it is so robust it can remove graffiti. Budge contains 40% edible essential oils that's 35% more than what you would get with any Supermarket products claiming to contain orange oil. All The oil in Budge is only from organic substance only. Budge Is environmentally friendly, which means it is non toxic, environmentally responsible, bio-degradable, and contains no petro-chemicals, bleach, ammonia etc... Budge is excellent for spring cleans and once the whole House has been washed down in Budge it will smell like Spring inside your home. Budge is against animal testing.