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Blitz! Bathroom Buddy

Blitz! Bathroom Buddy

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Use on taps and plugs, soap scum on shower doors, bathroom grime, prevents limescale

Blitz is our bathroom buddy. Our alternative to any chemical packed bathroom cleaner.

Blitz is very robust, its brilliant for eliminating lime scale on taps, scum on shower doors, hard water down the loo. You can even use it in the kitchen sink to get rid of hard water build up and on the draining board. Blitz is based on organic technology and has been used to stabilise surroundings for marine life, so its so safe you can even clean your fish tank out with it. Blitz is in a litre bottle concentrated, dilute accordingly. Blitz is environmentally responsible, non toxic, bio-degradable, it contains no petro-chemicals, bleach, ammonia etc... Blitz is against animal testing.